Astronomy, gravimetry and space geodesy
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Geodesy and Cadastre
Fialkovskii A.L. On usage of averaging functions for processing time series in geodetic monitoring of dynamic constructions 30-35
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Svitel'skaya M.A. Technique for recording the specific price factors of land plots, which are intended for extraction of mineral resources 48-51
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Space survey, aerophotography and photogrammetry
Zharova N.E. Criteria for forming stereo «fortuitous» satellite image pairs. Accuracy estimation of products created using stereo «fortuitous» satellite image pairs 65-74
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Remote sensing and land monitoring
Zarei S., Malinnikov V.A. Mapping the state of natural-landscape resources of khuzestan province in iran by using automated interpretation of time-varying space data 82-90
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Geoinformation technology
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