Geodesy and mine survey
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Cartography and geoinformatics
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Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
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Optics, optical and electronic devices and complexes
Minin V.F., Minin O.V., Minin I.V. Technology of shaped charge anisotropic liner manufacturing 237-242
Romas'ko S.V. Mathematical model for calculating factors interpolation and extrapolation microwave measures for weakening coefficient module reflection 243-253
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Ecology and environmental management
Trubina L.K., Khramova E.P., Lugovskaya A.Yu. Computer analysis of lamina images of Potentilla fruticosa for bioindication of urbanized territories 263-273
Methodology of scientific and educational activity
Zhdanov S.S. J. W. Goethe’s image in Sasha Chorny’s poesy 274-286