Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
The assessment of the potential landscape protection of the South-East of Zabaikalsky kray was conducted. The most man-impacted landscapes by developing of mining industry and by settlement zone were identified. Using GIS technology landscapes with the most at risk of loss were identified. South-East Transbaikalia is one of the most developed areas in Zabaykalsky Kraу. Using GIS analysis calculated and ranked into 5 classes of values of the indicators referring to the ability of natural systems to remain stable in the existing natural conditions. In order to assess risks and threats with increasing anthropogenic impact, for each group of landscape were highlighted on the map and calculated the area modified by human impact: elements of mining and industrial complex, road network and settlements. According to the spatial analysis the landscape changing influenced by settlements covers 23% of territories, about 13% of territories are changed under the influence of the mining industry, 1% – by roads and railway impacts. At the same time landscapes of low resistance take about 5% of the territory of the South-East of Zabaikalsky kray, with an average resistance – about 1%, with a high – 78%. Among these landscapes the most at risk of loss are Amur-Sakhalin Geosystems of Argun which are presented in Zabaikalsky kray only in the described territory.
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Publication History
Received: 01.07.2016
Published: 19.12.2016


2016 issue 4