Geodesy and mine survey
Active exploitation of various mineral properties requires regular inspections of their condition. These works are carried out in the form of environmental monitoring. For mineral deposits the study is conducted within the framework of geodynamic monitoring. The most important method of carrying out geodynamic monitoring is a geodetic method. It allows with high precision to perform a quantitative assessment of the characteristics of the displacements, the stress-strain state of the surface layer of the undermined territories. The method of instrumental geodynamic monitoring displacement of earth surface in Uzelginsky ore deposit, and the results of determination of deformation in the vertical and horizontal planes are presented. Re-observed the spatial coordinates of a reference frame and geodynamic geodetic networks stations using a complex of satellite geodesy. The parameters of the trend of modern geodynamic movements caused by the formation of the basin subsidence. The evaluation of geodynamic activity areas were identified spatial displacement vector of full frames observation station, the graphs of the stress-strain deformation and shear deformation, set discrete mosaic pattern of deformation of the array.
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