Geodesy and mine survey
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Remote sensing, photogrammetry
Komissarov A.V., Korkin V.S. Method of verification of terrestrial laser scanners 110-118
Khlebnikova T.A., Opritova O.A. Experimental studies of contemporary software for modeling geospatial 119-131
Cartography and geoinformatics
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Bugakov P.Yu. Foreign experience in the field of cartographic generalization of three-dimensional models of urban areas 151-159
Kim E.L., Kuznetsov M.N. Testing of software products by definition of magnetic declination 160-169
Vakhrusheva A.A. Positioning technologies in real time 170-177
Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
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Optics, optical and electronic devices and complexes
Minin V.F., Minin I.V., Minin O.V. About the possible mechanism of formtion of complex craters 223-234
Knyazev I.V. Modeling of the micromechanical optic grating light valve dynamic response 235-251
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