Geodesy and mine survey
Obidenko V.I. About change of coordinates in territory of the Russian Federation at transition from CS-95 to SSC-2011 5-21
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Kamnev I.S. Research of laser scanning technology at engineering geodesic surveys for repairing motorway 67-77
Abzhaparova D.A. The recomputation of the coordinates of the projection of Gauss – Kruger coordinates in stereographic projection of the Gauss in the case of South Kyrgyzstan 78-87
Cartography and geoinformatics
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Beshentsev A.N. Automation and use of retrospective maps of land registration 120-129
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Mokhirev A.P., Goryaeva E.V., Egarmin P.A. Creation of geoinformation resource for planning of forest harvesting production 137-153
Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
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Dorosh M.P. The results of data quality improvement in unified state register of real estate on the territory of Novosibirsk Region 181-192
Dudinova O.S. The main approaches of conducting the registration system on the example of «A unified real estate complex» 193-200
Lebedeva T.A., Gagarin A.I., Lebedev Yu.V. Sustainable land management on the intensively developed territories 201-211
Optics, optical and electronic devices and complexes
Minin I.V., Minin O.V. Photon jets in the science and technics 212-234
Perov G.V., Sedinin V.I., Egorenko M.P. Relaxation ionic charge in the oxide film on the gate polysilicon with inhomogeneous abroad when you exit to the operating mode MOS a matrix of photodetectors 235-251
Kurilenko G.A., Aijrapetian V.S. Theoritical fundamentals of thermographic research means of cyclic damageability of metals 252-259
Savel'kaev S.V., Romas'ko S.V. Method of measurement S-parameters of two-port microwave, intended for inclusion in microstrip 260-270
Ecology and environmental management
Ryapolova N.L. The conditions of formation of resources of heat and moisture, as the functioning and sustainability of the natural systems of the West Siberian North 271-281