Geodesy and mine survey
The article examines method of determining evenness of the road surface based on the patent RU 2509978 – the method of determining the road surface irregularities. We have considered global and national experience of determining evenness of the road surface, so we can match the following research (scientific) centers and their members who practice this concept (area of focus) : Novosibirsk (Russia: Seredovich V.A., Altynsev M.A., Komissarov A.V., Ivanov A.V.), Tomsk (Russia, Motuz V.O., Sarychev D.S.), Saint-Petersburg (Russia, Bochkarev N.N.), Kharkov (Ukraine, Gorb A.A., Gorb A.I.), Canada (Dave Hugelschaffer, I. Puente, Daina_Morgan), Taiwan (Jia-Ruey Chang, Yung-Shuen Su, Tsun-Cheng Huang, ShihChung Kang), Oregon (USA: Michael J. Olson, Abby Chin) etc. The novelty in the considered method is new algorithm of obtaining the data. By means of point cloud, which we have discovered by using mobile laser scanning, making balancing of scans and filtering the noise of point clouds, were performed measurements of gleams of a road surface under a virtual leveling rod. These measurements were used to researching on calculation of the international index of evenness IRI. As a result, we found that mobile laser scanning is a reliable and valid data source, which are used to determine evenness of the road surface. Further it is planned to make the calculation of the index of evenness IRI, using the digital surface model from the mobile laser scanning data, to select the most valid data of determining index of evenness.
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