Geodesy and mine survey
Problems and prospects for integration of Russian continuously operating reference stations into single reference frame for improving efficiency of high-precision positioning and timing are discussed. Important tasks for achieving that goal are outlined. They are: harmonization of legislation, updating and concretization of technological normative documents, development of effective online services for precise positioning and coordinate transformation. Immediate steps are proposed. Firstly, operators of satellite geodetic networks are offered to eliminate collisions in reference stations identifications (list of collisions is provided). Secondly, it is proposed to establish and keep up to date a common free-access online register and logs of Russian base stations. Providing information for that register is to be voluntary at the current stage. Thirdly, it is proposed to organize an ftp-archive maintained by a research institute or a university to provide free access to historical satellite measurements data. The content is to be uploaded to the archive by network operators after some period of time since the epoch of measurements. It is presumed that implementation of those urgent steps will pave the way for further significant improvement of positioning, navigation and timing efficiency in Russia.
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