Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Modern tendencies of cadastre development in the Russian Federation are aimed at its filling with three-dimensional models of the capital structure objects with the purpose of transformation in 3D cadastre. The pilot project on 3D cadastre creation carried out in Russia, showed the technical opportunity for registration of three-dimensional models, and also provided the required changes in a number of legal documents. In 2017 the notion “3D model of immovable object” and the requirements to it were fixed legislatively and caused the interest to this topic. The analysis of 3D object cadastral registration practice showed the absence of methodological guidelines for 3D cadastral work activities and limited functionality of USRER in the question, which confirms the vitality of the given research. The objective of the article is to study the essence, types and content of 3D models in successfully functioning foreign cadastres and to work out the proposals on model changes in transition of Russia to 3D cadastre. The article verifies the 3D model classification of immovable objects, formalizes the content of structure and components of the existing models in RF Cadastre, and determines the components that will be changed in transition from 2D to 3D cadastre: legal (juridical) model, cadastral number and spatial model. The carried out formalized work results can be used as methodological basis for cadastral works as they underline the difference between 2D and 3D cadastre and allow to differentiate cadastral technological processes.
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Publication History
Received: 09.04.2018
Published: 22.06.2018


2018 issue 2