Geodesy and mine survey
The authors investigate the methodology of classic technology application for determination of hydrogenerator geometric parameters in their reconstruction together with the technology, based on automated geodetic devices. The specific character of the geodetic support methodology under investigation is that the stator of the generator is not reconstructed. In this case the installation of the turbine is a more complicated task, because the runner chamber and new equipment of the turbine must be installed in line with the stator installed previously. The authors offer the measurement methods that give the error of stator centre determination not more than one milimetre. The authors consider the method of replacing the stator centre (axis) onto the bottom level of turbine blades in the runner chamber. It is recommended to take into account the electromagnetic influence from electric generators working nearby when choosing optical electronic geodetic devices for measurement. It is noticed that taking into account instrumental errors of total stations in choosing measurement method can increase the accuracy of stator centre determination in replacement of runner chamber centre onto the level of the stator.
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