Geodesy and mine survey
The article considers various methods of geodetic measurements for testing bridges. It shows the development of combined geodetic measurement method that includes geodetic measurements performed by robotic total stations and a laser scanner for points on a bridge bearing girder, the critical points of which were not available for direct geodetic measurements. The measurement data, after each load series, were transferred to the control center for processing and analysis. Despite the installation of total station on a movable base, the proposed method allowed determining with high accuracy the deformations of the roadway and the bearing beam in the vertical plane. The experiment with the use of satellite measurements showed the shortcomings of the applied measurement scheme and the greater dependence on satellite constellation location in relation to the screening bridge cable grid. Analysis of the literature on bridge tests showed that the technique used by the authors for joint measurements by robotic total stations, laser scanners and GNSS receivers was used for the first time.
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