Geodesy and mine survey
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Cartography and geoinformatics
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Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
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Parkhomenko D.V., Predtechenskaya E.A. Legal and geoinformational aspects of public easements in the Russian Federation 183-197
Optics, optical and electronic devices and complexes
Karpik P.A. Investigation of differnece schemes for solving the nonlinear Shrodinger equation 198-219
Kuptsov G.V., Laptev A.V., Petrov V.A., Petrov V.V., Pestryakov E.V. The investigation of thermal lens properties in the active element of laser amplifier with high power diode pump 220-228
Ecology and environmental management
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Methodology of scientific and educational activity
Karpik A.P., Seredovich S.V., Ganagina I.G. Problems of development of the main professional educational program of the higher education in the field of 21.03.03 Geodesy and remote sensing (bachelor degree) according to FGOS 3++ taking into account professional standards 248-256
Kokhanovskaya I.I., Barykina V.A. Investment attractiveness of agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation 257-275
DOI: 10.33764/2411-1759-2019-24-2