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One of the main conditions for the continued functioning and effective development of the agro-industrial sector in the Russian Federation is the steady dynamic development of the investment direction of this most important sector of the economy for our country. At the same time, attracting investment funds to the agro-industrial sector is a multi-faceted task that covers the whole range of possible financial, economic, legal and organizational areas; all of them are aimed at developing and using optimal and efficient investment mechanisms in the agricultural sector. Under current conditions, in order to implement investment projects and programs, it is necessary to develop and use the management system everywhere, which is capable of ensuring maximum investment in the agro-industrial complex. The relevance of this article is also due to the fact that the Russian agro-industrial complex today is one of the least attractive investment complexes, which is mainly caused by very high capital intensity, low profitability, and a high risk of investing. In such a situation, an increase in investment activity is the most important, if not the main, factor in ensuring the effective development of agricultural production, improving the quality of life of the rural population, upgrading the technological base and production assets, and improving environmental management in agriculture. Agro-industrial investment policy is a current priority [25]. The article discusses the factors of investment attractiveness of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, as well as an analysis of the potential investment of funds in various sectors of the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation.
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Received: 18.01.2019
Published: 28.06.2019


2019 issue 2
DOI 10.33764/2411-1759-2019-24-2