Cartography and geoinformatics
In cartography, despite the use of digital technologies, methods of creating cartographic images continue to develop on the basis of representations of traditional cartography. Explanation of the nature of the cartographic image and editorial and technical documents are based on the terminology of industries, the data and classifications of which are displayed on the maps. In this paper, a systematic approach is used to consider the problems of Atlas mapping, which are associated with the definition of the basic concepts and concepts underlying the study of the structure of the Atlas; research and identification of the main types of atlases, the establishment of the structure of their content and the nature of the created information; performing a systematic analysis of the links of the cartographic image at different levels of generalization of the content of the Atlas. These problems do not cover all the problems of building the content of the Atlas, but their solution will describe the cartographic side of building the content of the Atlas, different from other disciplines, the data of which are processed, interpreted by methods of these disciplines and visualized by means of cartography. Therefore, the assessment of the content of atlases is still limited to the significance and novelty of the topic. While the basic concept of the Atlas, as a cartographic work, is to display the links within and between the levels of generalization of the cartographic image.
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