Geodesy and mine survey
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Hatoum H.M, Mustafin M.G. Methodology for designing and evaluating results of geodesic observations of engineering structures using the least square method 45-57
Remote sensing, photogrammetry
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Cartography and geoinformatics
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Radchenko L.K. Cognitive aspect in cartography 138-145
Trubina L.K., Nikolaeva O.N., Baranova E.I. The usage of online map services in expanding of professional skills when training in Earth science 146-151
Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Avrunev E.I., Giniyatov A.I. Conceptual approach to geodetic support for 3d cadastre 152-158
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Optical and electronic devices and complexes
Laptev A.V., Kuptsov G.V., Petrov V.A., Petrov V.V. Astigmatism compensation in block of temporal broadening of pulse for pump channel of high power laser system 205-212
Khatsevich T.N., Druzhkin E.V., Volkova K.D. Handheld thermal vision devices with variable characteristics 213-220
Metrology and metrological support
Vikhareva N.A. Metrological support means of measurements of Q factor and inductivity 221-228
Savel'kaev S.V. Universal coaxial-stripline and probe test fixtures and their calibration methods 229-237
Tissen V.M., Tolstikov A.S., Simonova G.V. Prediction of earth rotation parameters with using adaptive harmonic patterns 238-245
DOI: 10.33764/2411-1759-2020-25-4