Cartography and geoinformatics
An important task for the development of modern society is the organization of operational access to spatial data. In modern conditions, geoportal technologies are successfully used to implement this task. Spatial information plays an important role in tourism activities, as the visual representation of travel routes, main attractions and tourist infrastructure has a great impact on the promotion of services. The main goal of the work is to develop a tourist geo-service for the Lake Karachi sanatorium and tourist Park. This article considers the process of creating a geoservice using the "MapInfo" software. The developed methodology contains recommendations for preparing cartographic information for publication on interactive geospatial services. Web maps are equipped with additional tools that allow you to perform various types of search, create and edit objects in vector layers, use analytical services and other useful tools. There is a tool for embedding interactive maps from geoservice in other sites, while retaining most of the features and tools. There was conducted a study to determine the role of information and geoinformation technologies in the tourism industry. The article proves the relevance of developing a tourist web map of the sanatorium and tourist complex "Lake Karachi" for the geoservice of the same name. The work presents the content and structure of the created tourist web map, and develops an algorithm for creating thematic web maps. It also gives the developed system of symbols, as well as the results of the study. As a result, there was created the geoservice for the development of tourist recreation in the Novosibirsk region on the territory of the sanatorium and tourist complex "Lake Karachi".
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Publication History
Received: 31.08.2020
Published: 24.02.2021


2021 issue 1
DOI 10.33764/2411-1759-2021-26-1