Geodesy and mine survey
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Remote sensing, photogrammetry
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Cartography and geoinformatics
Antonov E.S., Lisitsky D.V., Yankelevich S.S. Theoretical and methodological representation of the direct transition from geoinformation to geoscience 82-90
Beshentsev A.N., Ayurzhanaev A.A., Sodnomov B.V. Creation of gis-resources for physiographic zoning of the transboundary Russian-Mongolian territory 91-102
Boiko E.S., Karagyan A.V. Digital modeling of tree and shrub vegetation of accumulative seashore based on air laser scanning data 103-114
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Voronkin E.Yu., Bugakov P.Yu. Interactive municipal map and its place in the modern classification of electronic and digital maps 127-132
Latkin V.A. Three-dimensional terrain mapping 133-146
Land management, cadastre and land monitoring
Zharnikov V.B., Stegnienko E.S. On the content of interaction of the territorial bodies of Rosrestr and the Federal Tax Service for the purposes of improving the tax and budgetary policy of the state 147-154
Karpik A.P., Musikhin I.A., Vetoshkin D.N. Smart information models as an effective tool of regional spatial and economic development 155-163
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DOI: 10.33764/2411-1759-2021-26-2