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Popadyev V.V., Kuliev D.A.
The article studies the properties of the high-degree gravity field model EGM-2008 in the calculation of integral characteristics at large distances several times greater than the spatial resolution of the model. As an example of an indirect evaluation of a high-degree model, a gravimetric correction was computed into the sum of the measured elevations along the line of the high-precision I class leveling of the Krasnovodsk – Chardzhou line located in Turkmenistan. Using the calculator ICGEM,...
Medvedev P.A., Novgorodskaya M.V.
Algorithms with improved convergence for the calculation of rectangular coordinates in the Gauss – Kruger coordinate system according to the parameters of any ellipsoid were designed. The approach of definition the spherical components in the classic series defined variables x, y, represented by the difference between the degrees of longitude l, followed by the replacement of their sums by formulas of spherical trigonometry. For definition of the amounts of spherical components of the relevant...


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