Geodesy and Cartography

Certificate of registration ПИ № ФС 77-86749 of 05.02.2024

Date of creation August 1925 г.
Transliterated name Geodezia i Kartografia
Publication frequency 1 time per month
Volume 64 pages
log format 200 х 290
Circulation 500 copies
ISSN 0016-7126
e-ISSN 2587-8492
DOI 10.22389/0016-7126
The identifier in the RISC 8515
Scopus Yes
Registered VAK Yes
Publisher PLC «Roskadastr»


Journal's Mission
“Geodesy and Cartography” is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal that has been out since 1925.  We publish original articles  representing results of completed theory and practice studies, articles by scientists, graduate students, many enterprises' experts in the fields of geodesy, cartography, cadastre, navigation, remote sensing, GIS technologies, spatial data infrastructure, constructing, architecture, road management and many others.
Russian is the primary language of the journal. Article titles, information about authors, keywords and abstract are provided in English.
“Geodesy and Cartography” is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. All articles are reviewed by highly respected and internationally avowed scientists. Before reviewing articles are checked by native Russian-language plagiarism detection software “Antiplagiat”.
The Editorial Board includes such well-known scientists as V.P. Savinykh, V.S. Tikunov and others.
Journal "Geodesy and Cartography" is registered as a mass media. 
The journal is registered by HAC (Highest Attestation Commission) of the Russian Federation Education and Science Ministry as a publication in which scientists of the country can publish articles considered at assigning degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Engineering.
Journal "Geodesy and Cartography" is included in Scopus and in the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC). Full texts of articles accepted for publication are placed in the RISC site 
The founder is the PLC “Roskadastr”.
The journal is printed full color on 64 pages.
Journal's Index – 70213.
ISSN 0016-7126 (Print).
ISSN 2587-8492 (Online)
Distributors: PLC “Roskadastr”, "Ural Press", "MK-Periodica", "Inter-Mail" and others.
It is distributed 500 copies every month by subscription.
Published by PLC “Roskadastr”.
Editor-in-Chief: Tatyana Turchanova.
Address: 26, Onezhskaya st, 125413 Moscow, RUSSIA.
Tel: +7 (495) 456 9538, +7 (495) 456 9521, 
Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 456 9540.