Problems, Search, Solutions
Sedel'nikov V.P. To the 35th-century of FSUE "Goscenter "Priroda" establishment 2-5
Lukashevich E.L., Sedel'nikov V.P. The perspectives of the orbital groupings creation of remote sensing space vehicles for cartographic purpose 6-9
Efimov S.A., Brovko E.A. Modern state und perspectives of research development in the field of remote sensing methods use at the mapping of the territory of Russia 9-13
Remote sensing
Lukashevich E.L. Ballistic support of the first civil remote sensing space vehicles 14-19
Lukashevich E.L., Kiselev V.V. Space survey and mapping of the central part of Antarctica 19-23
Gorelov V.A. Space facilities of optical photographic observation and their role in the information support of domestic consumers 24-28
Sofinov R.E. Creation of the modern types of digital field information based on standardized technologies 29–32
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Efimov S.A., Kandoba I.N., Kostousov V.B., Perevalov D.S., Skripnyuk V.V. System of automated topographic identification of land cover images 34-40
Komarov A. I., Kotel'nikova V.A. About the forecasting of actual line field resolution at the development of the perspective optical electronic space vehicles 42-46
Charykova E.I., Gorelov V.A. Experimental, methodic and project-exploratory works of FSUE "Goscenter "priroda" in the field of remote spectrometry 46-51
Geographic Information Systems
Karpukhin S.S. Main provisions of regional application geoinformtics 52-55
Alekseeva O.P. Intellectual property service: results, lessons and perspectives 55-57