Problems, Search, Solutions
Bredikhin A., Kuznetsov V.G. 60-th Frankfurt International Bookfair 2-4
Brovko E.A. Innovation approaches to the information technologies development in the system of state topographical monitoring 5-9
Menchikov I.V. The definition of meridians convergence for Gauss-krueger projection in the spatial rectangular coordinates system 10
Zheltko Ch.N., Zheltko A.Ch. About the vertical displacements of the bridge bearings at the alteration of the river stage 12-13
Makarov A.P., Medvedev P.A. The calculation of meridian arcs length by the projective geometry method 16–23
Karpukhin S.S. Topical issues of the complex geoinformation mapping the regions of Russia on the basis of remote sensing data 24-32
About the modifying of the World map 32
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Nekhin S.S. Creation and update of topographical maps and plans based on space scanner images processing 34–40
Tuvshinbayar D., Shinebayar T., Erkhembayar E. About the cadastral maps creation of the lands legal status as a part of land cadastre of Mongolia 41-44
Guzevich S.N. About the problem solution of the relative distance measurements 45-50
Geodynamic research
Grishko S.V., Bukin V.G., Getmanov I.V., Odintsov S.L. The application of different software in geodynamic research 51-55
Kravets E.A. Cartographical research method and visual data analysis 57-60
Manpower training
Manukhov V.F., Ivlieva N.G., Presnyakov V.N., Primachenko E.A. Task-oriented interdisciplinary approach in education of geographers-cartographers 61-64