Problems, Search, Solutions
Enlarged Board Meetingof Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography 2-11
Pankin V.F. Visit of the dejegation of the Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography in Malaysia 11-14
Kaftan V.I., Tsyba E.N. The evaluation of the mean polar distance of global geodetic network points 14-24
Medvedev P.A. The solution of inverse geodetic problem on spheroid at the antipodal point spacing on additional sphere 24-29
Agafonov I.D., Burban P.Y. The experience of TSNIIGAiK software at the creation and update of the digital topographic maps 29-35
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Essin S.S. Method development of the spatial photogrammetric processing of digital aerial survey materials, implemented by the unpiloted aeroplane model 35-39
Leonov V.I. Metadata compound for the description of the land use work materials 39-45
Marine geodesy and hydrography
Grin' G.A., Murzincev P.P., Titov S.S. Automatic processing and filtering of multipath echosounding data in solving engineer tasks 45-50
Firsov Yu.G., Balandin V.N., Matveev A.Yu., Menchikov I.V. Modern technologies and regulation problems of the offshore strips survey 50-55
Pictures of history
Yurkina M.I. To the history of gravimetric data application in geodetic works of Russia 55-59
Manpower training
Balukh V.P. Methodological support of the effective launch of information technologies in learning of "Engineer Geodesy" discipline in the Military Institution of Higher Education of technical profile 59-61
Berlyant A.M. A new book on Geoinformatics and Geoinformation mapping 61-63
Branch news
NAVGEOCOM company press-release 63-65