Problems, Search, Solutions
Borodko A.V., Krayuhin A.N., Postnikov A.V., Pozdnyak G.V., Regentova E.M., Riabchikova V.I., Krivov S.V., Komedchikov N.N., Kotel'nikova N.E. Theme "Geographic discoveries, researches and mapping of the territory of Russia" in the National Atlas of Russia 2-16
Avdeev V.A., Ikonnikov A.V., Mukhudinov R.S., Radionov V.A., Filatov V.N. About actual direction in digital topography 17-20
Karachentsev Yu.A. Laser scanning of uncompleted construction objects 21-23
Korshunov A.P. Application of uncontrolled classification for urban development planimetric plotting on geographical maps 23-25
Remote sensing
Lyutivinskaya M.V., Neifel'd I.G. Space survey data of super-resolution and its utilization for cadastral record-keeping purposes 26-28
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Niyazgulov U.D., Gebgart A.A. High-power images conversion by using their fragments 29-31
Yakovlev I.N. Territories reservation problems for perspective building constraction in the subjects of the Russian Federation 32-38
Geographic Information Systems
Zhurkin I.G., Chaban L.N., Gruzinov V.S. Geoinformation modeling and mapping of environmental assets 39-45
Manpower training
Manukhov V.F., Varfolomeeva N.A., Varfolomeev A.F. Space information use during educational and research activity of students 46-50
Pictures of history
Shcherbakova A.B., Yurkina M.I. To 250th publication anniversary of translation by Marquess Emiliya du Shatle of Newton's "Principia" into French 51-57
Komedchikov N.N., Snakin V.V. Advanced knowledge on Russian history and culture 57-58
Point for discussion
Ryzhikov A.I. Timewise geographic variety of toponyms 60-61
Myshlyaev V.A. About digital cartographic production of non standard scales 62-63