Problems, Search, Solutions
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Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
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Remote sensing
Abrosimov A.V., Bekenov A.V., Dvorkin B.A. ORTOREGION and ORTOREGION + MONITORING - product line meant for earth surface mapping and monitoring 42-45
Geodynamic research
Shestakov N.V., Gerasimov G.N., Gerasimenko M.D. Account of season coordinates variations of GPS/GLONASS - observation stations while researching current crustal movements 46-51
Geographic Information Systems
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Manpower training
Karnatsevich I.V. Students of Siberian universities on their hydrometric practice 58-61
Pictures of history
Yurkina M.I. Russian surveyor K. I. Tenner - one of the "Struve chain" creators 62-63