Problems, Search, Solutions
Ural topographic surveying enterprise is 40 years old 2-4
Anniversary congratulations
Yablonskiy Leonard Iosifovich is 60 years old 5
Tolchelnikova S.A. Note on range estimation methods 6-12
Lipatnikov L.A. Application of precise absolute positioning method for precise positioning of geodetic points in common terrestrial coordinate system 13-16
Surnin Yu.V., Strukov A.A. Analysis of coordinate vectors accuracy of extra-long baseline on GNSS-measurements results 17-23
Kanashin N.V., Stepanov D.I. Recent developments in data processing of ground-based laser scanning, and possible solutions 24-28
Binder I.O., Murzincev P.P. On appointment of topographical survey accuracy of communications and gas fields in Western Siberia, in view of technological risk 29-32
Riabchikova V.I., Komedchikov N.N., Krivov S.V., Loginova L.V. History of discovery and mapping of Russian northern territories by participats of northern troops of «the Second Kamchatka expedition» in 1733–1743. Lena-Yenisei detachment, 1733–1743 32-44
Brovko E.A., Sofinov R.E. State topographic monitoring: operational mapping maintenance of country’s business, defense and national security with relevant spatial data 45-51
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Chermoshentsev A.Y. Practical recommendations development for quality improving of ultrahigh resolution satellite images processing 51-56
Geodynamic research
Serebryakova L.I. Regularities and features of vertical movements of the earth’s surface area of Ignalina nuclear power plant and surrounding area 57-63