labor actions
laboratory of physical geodesy
laboratory of space geodesy
labour productivity
Lake Baikal
lake degradation
land and property-land relationships
land area
land assessment
land background
land borders
land boundaries
land cadastral orientation
land cadastral work
land cadastre
land categories
land categories (types)
land categories in the Syrian Arab Republic
land category
land control
land cover
land cover maps
land database
land degradation
land demarcation
land development
land disputes
land disputes settlement
land distribution by categories
land double accounting
land expert evidence
land fund
Land fund of the Russian Federation
land information
Land information system
land information system of Vietnam
land information systems
land inventory
land laser scanning
land law
land legislation of the Russian Federation
land legislation; paid land use; protected areas; real estate; the Republic of Crimea
land management
land management and cadastre
land management scheme
land management services
land maps topological cartogram
land market
land monitoring
land monitoring system
land of settlements
land offenses
land parcel
land parcel borders alignment
land parcel cadastral value
land parcel market value
land parcel of industry and transport object
land parcels
land parcels formation
land plot
land plot boundaries
land plots
land plots for mining
land pollution
land potential
land protection
land reclamation
land regimentation
land registration
land relations
land resource orientation
land resources
land safeguard
land settlements
land subsidence
land supervision
land supervision (control)
land surface temperature
land survey plan
Land surveying
land surveying expert report
land surveying tools
land tax
land tenure service
land transfer
land turnover
land us
land use
land use and development
land use forecast
land use management
land use planning
land use reconstruction
land use regulation
land use structure
land zoning
land-evaluation work
land-property complexes
land-use planning
land-use planning documents
land-use planning scheme
landfills of municipal solid waste (MSW)
lands of agricultural purpose
lands of industry and other special purpose
lands of nuclear test sites
lands of settlements
lands of various purposes
lands of water Fund
Landsat 8
Landsat 8 OLI
Landsat data
Landsat satellite images
LandScan data
landscape science
landscape approach
landscape area
landscape cartography
landscape cover
landscape diversity
landscape facies
landscape forming factors
landscape geochemistry
landscape indexes
landscape indication
landscape map
landscape mapping
landscape maps
landscape maps in national atlas of Russia
landscape metrics
landscape morphological map
landscape objects
landscape of the National Park
landscape planning
landscape polygons
landscape potential of Moscow
landscape protection
landscape provinces
landscape research
landscape services
landscape sites
landscape sphere
landscape structure
landscape sustainability of recreational load
landscape-morphological structure
landscape-morphological structure map
landscape-typological map
landscape-typological mapping
landscapes of Stavropol Territory
landscapes structure
landscapetypological map
landslide process
landslide slope
landslides modeling
language concept
language of the geodesy
language of the map
language queries
Laplace equation
Laplace’s equation
large amounts of data
large detail
large detail horizon
large set of data
large span structure
large terrestrial objects
large-scale aerophotography
large-scale ecological map
large-scale map
large-scale mapping
large-scale maps
large-scale thematic mapping
large-sized machines
large-span structures
laser reference beam
laser scanning measurement systems
laser amplifier
laser beam divergence
laser beam shake
laser comparator
laser distance measurer
laser distance meter
laser extensometer
laser interferometer
laser modules
laser plasma
laser points
laser points cloud
laser rangefinder observations
laser rangefinders
laser ranging
laser reflection points
laser scanner
laser scanners
laser scanning
laser scanning legitimating
laser shooting
laser survey
laser tacheometer
laser tracker
laser tracker Leica AT403
laser tracker station
laser-induced process
Late Bronze Age settlements
lateral leveling
lateral refraction
lateral shift
latitudinal zoning
launching girder
law of soil fertility
layered set
laying depth
layout net
layout works
lazer aerial survey
lazerno-lokatsionnoe measurement
learning ability
learning geography
least square method
least square methods
least squares method
least-squares data optimization
least-squares method
legal basis for geodetic works
legal disputes
legal documents
legal enquiry
legal nature
legal regime of land use
legal regulation
legal zoning
Legendre multifractal spectrum
Legendre’s method
Leningrad mining institute
lens distortions
Leonov A.A.
level bench mark
level of geographical education
level of responsibility
level surface
level surfaces
leveling and gravimetric reference nets
leveling lines
leveling network
leveling of III and IV classes
leveling station
leveling stroke
levelling technique
levels of aggregation
Levenberg – Marquardt method
lidar points
life cycle model
life cycle of a construction object
life cycle of an industrial object
Life support geoontology
light aircraft
light and dark defects
light filter
light filters
light intensity of rod
light signals
light-and-shadow picture
light-emitting diodes
limit of error
limitation of visual function
limited relative error
limiting factors corridor
limiting measurement error
line determinations
line of defence
line simplification
line target
lineament analysis
linear acceleration of a process
linear capital construction objects
linear construction
linear coordinate system
linear dependence
linear distortion
linear erosion
linear extension
linear features
linear ground resolution
linear integral convolution
linear integral expressions
linear notch
linear object
linear objects
linear programming
linear referencing system
linear regression
linear resolution
linear spatial intersection
linear speed of a process
linear structure
linear structures
linear-angular and leveling measuremrnts
linearization and spherical approximation errors
linearly-angular and leveling measurements
Linke turbidity coefficient
liquid lens
list of maps
literary map of 19th century
literary space
literature character type
lithospheric plates
living premise
local history
local self-government bodies
local spherical coordinate system
local algorithms
local and conditional reference system
local anomalies
local area
local bending
local calibration scheme
local climatic zones
local contrast
local coordinate system
local coordinate system of the city
Local coordinate systems
local coordinate systems of maintaining the USRI
local correction coefficients
local correction factor
local geodetic network
local government
local government bodies
local magnetic azimuth
local mapping
local model of geoids for territory of the Novosibirsk region
local monitoring of lands
local natural risk mapping
local positioning technology
local quasi-geoid model
local smoothing
local spatial coordinate system
local studies
local system of coordinates
local territory
location and geometrics
lock chamber walls
Lockyer’s dating method
logical model
logistic tasks
logistical equation
logit analysis
Lomonosov M.V.
long baseline geodetic tie
long focal length camera
longitude and altitude
longitude calculation errors
longitude of the central meridian
longitudinal profile
look-ahead cards
loss account cycles
loss of information in highlights and shadows
loss of information in image
loss of information in shadows and illumination
lost mark search
low-cost stereo cameras
low-mountain landscapes
luminous density
lunar eclipses
lunar influence
lunisolar influence