1 Shekotilov V.G.
2 Lazarev O.E.

Ergocenter, NPP, PJSC


Verto-Tver, Ltd

The urgency of developing a method due to volume, historical and the practical significance of the information presented on large-scale archival maps XIX century. The base of method is a mathematical model for archiving large-scale raster maps and privet methods are building information model, building charts, designing electronic atlas. Using the method based on «2 verst per inch» topographic cadastral maps of the province of Tver 1853, it was developed an electronic atlas and a series of charts ,it was produced approbation of using with «3 verst per inch» topographical maps of Smolensk, Pskov and Novgorod’s Province, and «2 verst per inch» map of Moscow Province. Created electronic maps of «2 verst per inch» maps of Tver and Moscow provinces posted on the Internet and can be used through the program SAS. Planeta with cartographic resources «Google», «Yandex», «Kosmosnimki».
The work was sponsored by the Russian Humanitary Science fund and Tver oblast administration.
Shekotilov V.G., 
Lazarev O.E., 
(2010) Development method of electronic atlases and series of charts based on large-scale maps of provinces of the XIX century. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(1), pp. 31-39. (In Russian).
Publication History
Published: 25.02.2010