1 Shekotilov V.G.
2 Lazarev O.E.
3 Dubodelov P.S.
4 Kolosova I.V.
5 Shchekotilova M.V.
Creating automated electronic list of localities of province is conditioned by big volume and detail of data, published in the XIX century for a large number of provinces mainly after publishing large-scale maps. Speciality of organization of computer list of slocalities of province in the area of modern borders is a significant difference between boundaries compared to the provinces and respectively need to use data from several provinces. Automated electronic list is created in the form of electronic document in MS Excel’s format, with the possibility of editing and expansion.
The work was done with financial support of the Russian Humanitary Science Fund (RHSF) and Tver oblast administration, project.№ 09-01-57103 a/C
Shekotilov V.G., 
Lazarev O.E., 
Dubodelov P.S., 
Kolosova I.V., 
Shchekotilova M.V., 
(2010) Automated electronic list of settlements based on data of the XIX and XXI centuries, in Tver region. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(5), pp. 22-26. (In Russian).