1 Serebryakova L.I.
2 Gorobets V.P.
3 Sermyagin R.A.
4 Basmanov A.V.
5 Burtovoi V.V.
6 Vatamanovskii E.A.
7 Nasretdinov I.F.
8 Pikalov O.O.
9 Popadyev V.V.
10 Frolov K.E.
The measurements in the experimental geodetic network of the North-Baikal geodynamic polygon (SBGDP) were carried out using satellite technology in 2007, 2008and 2009. The area measurements – the north- eastern sector of the Baikal rift zone (BRZ) – the most seismically active for the whole BRZ. A short description of SBGDP and the results referred to cycles of measurements with an estimation accuracy and the definition of horizontal and vertical displacements of points, an analysis of their relationship with seismicity and geological structure of the study area. In the area Severomuisk tunnel BAM (Baikal-Amur Railway) characteristics of deformation determined in addition to the local network (rectangle), the controlling node crossing active faults directly in the tunnel.
Serebryakova L.I., 
Gorobets V.P., 
Sermyagin R.A., 
Basmanov A.V., 
Burtovoi V.V., 
Vatamanovskii E.A., 
Nasretdinov I.F., 
Pikalov O.O., 
Popadyev V.V., 
Frolov K.E., 
(2010) Initial cycles of high-precision geodetic measurements on a test North-Baikal geodynamic polygon and their results. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 71(8), pp. 11-20. (In Russian).