1 Novakovskiy B.A.
2 Prasolova A.I.
3 Raficova Ju.Ju.
4 Kargashina M.A.
5 Mangilevsky Ju.V.
The study covers the main impacts of wind power stations on the environment. Estimation of the resource potential, availability of economical, environmental and social preconditions for the development of wind energy projects in the Rostov region are included. The questions of counting and minimization of all possible wind farms negative impacts on human beings and the environment are submitted. It is shown that wind power is one of the safest forms of power generation. The development of renewable energy sources is the prospect of renovation and greening of industry sectors. The work highlights the role of the modern GIS technology use for mapping in renewable energy sector.
Novakovskiy B.A., 
Prasolova A.I., 
Raficova Ju.Ju., 
Kargashina M.A., 
Mangilevsky Ju.V., 
(2013) Influence of wind energy devices to the nature. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (10), pp. 39-44. (In Russian).