1 Alekseenko N.A.
2 Shakhova A.A.
The article analyses some problems in the functioning of Russian protected areas with the «Ugra» national park as a case study. One of such problems is the absence of unified data system, containing the results of research hold in protected areas. These results are usually multi-scaled, multi-format and multitemporal, that prevents joint data analysis, and their future use by scientists. The solution of this problem lies in creation of unified cartographic database, based on modern GIS-technologies. The article provides methods of obtaining new types of information, based on previous research, without additional data.
Alekseenko N.A., 
Shakhova A.A., 
(2013) Prospects of GIS technology in the national parks of Russia (for example, the NP «Ugra»). Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (7), pp. 41-46. (In Russian).