1 Barulin A.I.
2 Rakhimov Z.R.
3 Barulin F.A.
For getting advantages of spatial surveying interpretation it is offered to use the vector diagrams of horizontal points’ displacement combined with the mine map for strain of slopes. For convenience of interpretation of distribution in the vertical displacement space it is better to use surfaces with numerical marks. The offered technique is optimal, but does not eliminate using classical methods of interpretation. The features of long-term and short-term interpretation of surveying results are shown.
Barulin A.I., 
Rakhimov Z.R., 
Barulin F.A., 
(2013) Interpretation of instrumental observations results of the spatial deformation of the pit wall loaded by dumb. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (7), pp. 8-15. (In Russian).