1 Lesnykh S.I.
2 Cherkashin A.K.

Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS

The technique of through thematic mapping on the base of system of knowledge on integrated geosystems “nature – economy – population” is developed. The mapping takes into account the peculiarities of the scientific and applied problems. It shows placement of various natural, social and economic phenomena with their qualitative and quantitative features with a single system point of view. The backbone is based on the principles of conservation of thematic content of maps at transition from one spatial object to another one. The main objective of through mapping is reflection of territorial organization, its various thematic layers at the municipal level. The map of legal zoning of the coastal municipal territories of Lake Baikal is the example to show as different types of legal constraints of the nature and society are reflected in the uniform manner.
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Lesnykh S.I., 
Cherkashin A.K., 
(2015) The principles of through mapping for municipal districts. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (8), pp. 10-16. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2015-902-8-10-16
Publication History
Received: 15.12.2014
Accepted: 26.05.2015
Published: 07.09.2015


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