1 Karpik A.P.
2 Musikhin I.A.
3 Schwieger V.
4 Gorobtsova O.V.

Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies


University of Stuttgart, Institute of Engineering Geodesy

In recent years professional societies have been undergoing fundamental restructuring brought on by extensive technological change and rapid evolution of geospatial science. Almost all professional communities have been affected. Communities are embracing digital techniques, modern equipment, software and new technological solutions at a staggering pace. In this situation, when planning financial investments and intellectual resource management, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of those trends that will be in great demand in 5–7 years. This paper reviews current scientific and practical activities of International Federation of Surveyors, analyzes and groups the most relevant topics brought up at their scientific events, forecasts most probable research and practical trends in geodesy and geoindustry, outlines topmost leading countries and emerging markets for further detailed analysis of their activities, types of scientific cooperation and joint implementation projects.
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Karpik A.P., 
Musikhin I.A., 
Schwieger V., 
Gorobtsova O.V., 
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