1 Murzincev P.P.
2 Binder I.O.

Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies


Giprong-trust, Ltd

Specific examples substantiate the need for actualization of building codes and rules for engineering and geodetic survey of corridors of linear communications in the Far North regions for areas with perigome heaves of permafrost. It is emphasized that in order to ensure reliable operation and ensure the safety of the operation of gas mains in SNiP, recommendations should be made on the metric characteristics of the location of the communication corridors relative to the upper and lower component of the hillocks. It is recommended that the distance to the nearest pipeline be at least 100 meters from the upper component of the bougram, and from the lower component not less than 50 meters. It is necessary to regulate the order of the pipelines in the corridor. The oil pipeline is proposed to be designed as the final one in the corridor, that is to say, the maximum distance from the boundary of the hillock, as its temperature is much higher, which may help to thaw the hillock. In order to increase the efficiency of engineering and geodetic surveying to detect and establish the distribution boundaries of the lower component of the permafrost drill, it is recommended to use an instrumental survey complex. This complex allows not only transportation of equipment in winter and summer field seasons, but also practically simultaneously perform geodetic, geological work with georadar survey of the territory (Patent of the Russian Federation for utility model N 164037 dated August 1, 2016).
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Murzincev P.P., 
Binder I.O., 
(2017) The necessity of updating building regulations for engineering-geodesic surveys for the far North. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 78(11), pp. 16-21. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2017-929-11-16-21
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Received: 26.05.2017
Accepted: 24.07.2017
Published: 20.12.2017


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