1 Golovanev Yu.I.

The Russian Federation Defense Ministry Central Research Institute 27

The article deals with the fact, that the state or special geodetic networks points identified on the aerial photographs, control network and aerial photographs field control surveys points including contour points with coordinates taken from the topographic map of larger scale and defined when creating topographic maps can be used for exterior orientation of photogrammetric networks during the implementation of works on topographic maps revision. Besides planimetric points of the map that has been revising can also be used. The ground control point (reference point) coordinates are not of equal accuracy, as their values were got from the sources that have different plane coordinates accuracy. This fact has a significant influence on the point coordinates planimetric position of the route photogrammetric network that is developed. There is some information in the article about the control points unequal accuracy influence on the point planimetric position of the route photogrammetric network. This fact occurs when part of control points was obtained by means of accurate surveying methods but other control points plane coordinates due to their unavailability have to be obtained from the topographic map. The results of the experiment are given as evidence.
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Golovanev Yu.I., 
(2017) The Unevenness of the Footing And Its Impact on the Results of Photogrammetric Transformation. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, (3), pp. 43-47. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2017-921-3-43-47
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Received: 25.08.2016
Accepted: 13.12.2016
Published: 22.04.2017


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