1 Novakovskiy B.A.
2 Prasolova A.I.
3 Karpachevskiy A.M.
4 Filippova O.G.

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

The article describes a way to represent the structure of the energy system using an undirected weighted graph. It also considers the concept of structural vulnerability of the electrical grid as a key property affecting the reliability of power supply. We consider isolated energy systems of the Russian Far East, taking into account the differentiation in structural vulnerability within the networks of different types. For these purposes we propose the technique of designing and using geodatabase for the structural vulnerability assessment in the territories of the Kamchatka Territory, Magadan and Sakhalin regions. The designed technique is based on the use of open source data about power transmission lines (PTL), substations and power plants. Remote sensing data was also used. It is introduced a principle of zoning study area based on geoprocessing model. These maps were compared with some maps of crucial climatic parameters such as maximum wind speed and sleet deposits wall thickness.
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Novakovskiy B.A., 
Prasolova A.I., 
Karpachevskiy A.M., 
Filippova O.G., 
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