1 Younes J.A.
2 Mustafin M.G.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University

The issue of calculating the plane rectangular coordinates using the data obtained by the satellite observations during the creation of the geodetic networks is discussed in the article. The peculiarity of these works is in conversion of the coordinates into the Mercator projection, while the plane coordinate system on the base of Gauss-Kruger projection is used in Russia. When using the technology of global navigation satellite system, this task is relevant for any point (area) of the Earth due to a fundamentally different approach in determining the coordinates. The fact is that satellite determinations are much more precise than the ground coordination methods (triangulation and others). In addition, the conversion to the zonal coordinate system is associated with errors; the value at present can prove to be completely critical. The expediency of using the Mercator projection in the topographic and geodetic works production at low latitudes is shown numerically on the basis of model calculations. To convert the coordinates from the geocentric system with the Mercator projection, a programming algorithm which is widely used in Russia was chosen. For its application under low-latitude conditions, the modification of known formulas to be used in Saudi Arabia is implemented.
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Younes J.A., 
Mustafin M.G., 
(2018) The characteristics of transforming coordinates from the geocentric system WGS-84 for the Mercator projection under low latitudes conditions. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 79(10), pp. 2-6. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2018-940-10-2-6
Publication History
Received: 24.05.2018
Accepted: 17.09.2018
Published: 20.11.2018


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