1 Dashpilov T.B.

Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS

To create transport maps, we need detailed mapping of all objects, processes, phenomena, and interactions of the transport complex. For these purposes a semantic classification of cartographic signs transport systems of the region was developed. We analyzed a large number of maps of various geographical atlases of different territorial level. This semantic classification of transport maps ordered the structure of their thematic layers and the system of transport mapping in general. To display the impact of transport on the environment by several semantic parameters were selected. They characterize directly the transport complex and its separate indicators of impact of transport on the environment. A map of transport impact on the environment within the Lake Baikal basin was created. Using the maps, as well as other literary and statistical sources, we analyzed the transport impact within the Baikal basin. This analysis led to the conclusion that the greatest pollution of Lake Baikal basin comes from road and water transportation means.
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Dashpilov T.B., 
(2018) Mapping of the transport-ecological complex of the Baikal lake basin. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 931(1), pp. 32-38. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2018-931-1-32-38
Publication History
Received: 22.08.2017
Accepted: 05.12.2017
Published: 20.02.2018


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