1 Muttalibova Sh.F.
2 Tanirverdiyev C.G.
3 Medjidova S.A.
4 Litvinov N.Yu.

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction


Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University


Center of Geodesy, Cartography and SDI

It is well-known that shift of some points leads to abnormal errors in active geodesy sets which stressed out the importance of research of questions on reliability of measurements results. The aim of the article is forming of basic relations of optimum regimes of RTK cadastre measurements using the suggested criterion of optimality that is requirement to achieve in measurement set the minimum rest informativeness. Solution of this task make it possible to get the transcendental equation allowing to calculate such value of temporal parameters which provides the maximum of residual entropy. Such regime is stated as worse and not recommended for practice. The second research task in the present article is optimization of set of averaged results of measurements. On the basis of results of held measurements it was concluded that the operation of averaging carried out in RTK GPS sets of cadastre measurements while is carried out in low interval of variation of averaging time increasing the accuracy of measurements results doesn’t lead to significant increase of informativeness of such systems and can not be submitted as an effective technical solution for increasing of informativeness.
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Muttalibova Sh.F., 
Tanirverdiyev C.G., 
Medjidova S.A., 
Litvinov N.Yu., 
(2018) Optimization of regimes of functioning of RTK GPS geodesy networks for cadastre measurements. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 932(2), pp. 17-21 . (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2018-932-2-17-21
Publication History
Received: 26.10.2017
Accepted: 21.12.2017
Published: 20.03.2018


2018 February DOI:

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