1 Mustafin M.G.
2 Tran Thanh Son

Saint-Petersburg Mining University

Currently, using in Vietnam for constructing is normal height and method of leveling geometry. During the construction, it is necessary to transfer height through difficult terrain, such as large rivers or high mountains. In such situations, the transfer of altitude with the help of GNSS will allow to reduce labor costs in comparison with the transfer of altitude using the geometric method. However, the key issue is interpret the altitude defined by the GNSS to a normal height with an accuracy that meets the requirements for leveling grids in engineering geodesy. In this article has been offered algorithm for determining normal altitudes from satellite data and taking into account the deviations of the plumb line. Using GNSS technology are determined coordinates in the geodetic coordinate system or in the spatial one corresponding to the ellipsoid WGS-84. The technique for determining the normal heights from the data of satellite determinations is considered. A computational algorithm is proposed that includes taking into account the deviations of the plumb line and their determination by rotation of the ellipsoid, and also assuming the presence of geometric leveling data. An example of the implementation of an algorithm on a specific object is shown.
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Mustafin M.G., 
Tran Thanh Son, 
(2018) Method for determining the normal heights from satellite data, taking into account the deviations of the plumb lines. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 79(7), pp. 2-10. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2018-937-7-2-10
Publication History
Received: 09.01.2018
Accepted: 25.05.2018
Published: 20.08.2018


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