1 Aksenov A.L.
2 Kozlov O.I.

The Research Institute of Accuracy Devices

The description of the method of using nonlinear objects of circular, rounded and parabolic shape (beds, road fences, markings, cylindrical oil storages, wells, etc.) as the plane-and-height basis is given. The necessity of using nonlinear objects is due to the insufficient availability of reference points on the territory covered by the image. The use of nonlinear objects will further enhance the geo-bridging capabilities of the push-broom images. An analytical solution of amendments determination (shift, affine and polynomial amendments) to the model of space push-broom images in the form of RPC polynomials using reference points, linear objects, and nonlinear objects of circular, rounded, and parabolic shape as the high-raised basis is described. The advantages of joint-use of reference points, linear and nonlinear objects for solving the task of orienting space push-broom images are shown. Practical examples are given. The proposed technique enables the joint using of reference points, linear objects and nonlinear objects of circular, rounded and parabolic shape as a plane-and-height basis.
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Aksenov A.L., 
Kozlov O.I., 
(2020) Nonlinear objects as a part of plane-and-height basis of sattelite imagery reference. Geodesy and cartography = Geodezia i Kartografia, 81(11), pp. 20-28. (In Russian). DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2020-965-11-20-28
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Received: 19.02.2020
Accepted: 15.07.2020
Published: 20.12.2020


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