1 Ivlieva N.G.
2 Manukhov V.F.
3 Boriskin A.S.
4 Erofeeva I.V.

National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University

Modern geographic information systems provide great opportunities for using a variety of data on spatial objects, searching and storing materials in a convenient form. The authors describe the experience of creating a spatial river-database of Mordovia Republic, RF in a GIS environment based on the reference manual “Hydrological knowledge”. Various approaches to solving the task were tried. The assessment of the temporal reliability of the data was carried out, since over time a number of water-bodies’ names became outdated; the river network had undergone changes due to natural reasons and under the influence of economic activity. The created database of streams of Mordovia can be used as a reference and information source.
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Manukhov V.F., 
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