1 Aleschenko V.V.
2 Aleschenko О.А.
3 Dobryakova V.A.
4 Idrisov I.R.
5 Rudoy Е.V.

Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, SB RAS


Tyumen State University


Novosibirsk State Agrarian University

The study deals with opportunities of assessing geoinformation mapping to identify prospective areas of interregional specialization for a macroregion as a new political and economic unit of Russia. The spatial assessment method for such Siberian regions’ agricultural specialization is proposed and tested. The study covers 392 rural municipal districts, united in sixteen entities of the Russian Federation and located in four macro-regions. The analysis of the rural muni- cipalities’ productivity indicators for 2007–2018 was carried out for 26 types of crop products and 5 types of livestock ones using methods of mathematical and cartographic modeling, which enabled identifying 16 perspective food interregional clusters in South Siberian, 12 ones – in the Angara-Yenisei and 1 – in the Ural-Siberian macroregion. A Web-cartographic product “Geoportal of agricultural specialization of Siberian macroregions” was developed for solving application tasks of spatial analysis and determining the state policy measures for the development of interregional agricultural cooperation in Siberia.
The article was prepared according to the plan of research work of the Institute of Economics and Organization of Industrial Production of the SB RAS.
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Aleschenko V.V., 
Aleschenko О.А., 
Dobryakova V.A., 
Idrisov I.R., 
Rudoy Е.V., 
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