Основные геодезические работы.

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Manpower training
Magistrands of Karaganda State Technical University over practical education held in Germany using DAAD program
Mozer D.V., Isainova G.O., Karaneeva A.D.
Problems, Search, Solutions
Topographic-geodetic and cartographic security in the Russian Federation. Conditions and prospects of geodesy and cartography developmant
Vasiliev I.V., Korobov A.V., Pobedinskiy G.G., Pridankin A.B.
On possibility to use method of regulation over photometric measurements of general water steam amount in the atmosphere
Agaev F.G., Guseinova R.O.
Compilation of the Yakutia district regional map to calculate the depth of geodetic centers of bench marks positioning
Khodakov P.A.
Evaluation of the step of net of main points in the task of interpolation of altitudes by co-location methods
Sholokhov A.V., Kotov N.I., Druzhinin I.M.
Accounting for the effects of global tectonic processes on the precise positioning in the state reference system or local reference system with the help of GPS NAVSTAR
Voytenko A.V., Bykov V.L.
Entropy method for choosing the base station in RTK GPS network systems
Eminov R.A.
Research of the influence of thermal regime of the big cities on the accuracy of the measurement of common amount of water steam with the use of GPS
Magerramov E.I.
Evaluation of influence of structural trend uncertainty of geophysical parameters to the information of GPS measurements of climatic factors
Mehdiyev J.T.
Branch news
Transition to geocentric coordinate system GCS 2011 in the management of state cadastre, problems and their solutions
Serebryakov S.V.