The author is the reviewer of the journal "Geodesy and cartography".

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1. Experience of making engineering surveys in Far East highways and railways for 30 years
2. Participated in monitoring sagging and deformations of Electric Heating Centres and multistoried buildings in Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-upon-Amour. 
3. Performed large-scale topographic surveys using GNSS receivers and total stations.
4. Published 86 scientific and methodical research papers, 13 of them appeared in editions included in the List of the Russian Federation Supreme Certification Committee.
5. Protected a Doctoral thesis in Siberian State University of Geodetic Systems and Technics, 22.11.2018, (“Theory and Methods of Geodetic Supporting Road-and-Traffic Infrastructure”, Scientific Advisor A.P. Karpik).
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Associate Professor
PhD in Engineering,
Associate professor

Far Eastern State Transport University

SPIN RSCI: 1450-6810