Problems, Search, Solutions
Enlarged Board Meetingof Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography 2-7
Agilera Delgado T.P., Kuz'mina L.S. The 5th International Industrial Forum "Geoform+" 8-12
Balandin V.N., Bryn M.Ya., Menchikov I.V., Yakupov A.Z. The main radiiuses calculation of the ellipsoid curvature by the spatial rectangular coordinates 13–14
Komissarov D.V., Komissarov A.V. Development and research of the scanner routs laying method 14-16
Dronov A.V. Technological single-frequency Trimble R3 GPS-solution 17-18
Filatov V.N., Avdeev V.A., Mukhudinov R.S., Radionov V.A. About the implementation of the advantages of digital technologies in the creation of cartographic products 19–20
Polezhaeva E.Yu. Cartographic modeling of the ecological condition of the National park "Samarskaya luka" as a basis for tourist's geoinformation system creation 21-23
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Pogorelov V.V., Shavuk V.S. Theoretical basis for building leveling method by the single satellite image 24-27
Shagin S.I., Pritvorov A.P., Bogdanov M.I., Razumova N.V., Razumov V.V., Glushko A.Ya. The danger of subsidence process development in the Southern Federal District of Russia 28-30
Malkin Z.M. The atmospheric load influence on GNSS-stations coordinates and speed 31-33
Devyatisilny A.S., Chislov K.A. Two-component graviinertial system 34-36
Geographic Information Systems
Piotrovskii V.A. GIS in drinking water supply from underground springs 37-38
Point for discussion
Menukhov I.I. Some issues of unions and associations organization of the specialists in geodesy and land management 39-41
Marine geodesy and hydrography
Reshetnyak S.V. Comparative appraisal of routs of the Northern Seaway under the hydrographical support criteria 42-44
Firsov Yu.G. Digital underwater topography models in electronic hydrography 45-53
Pictures of history
Zaharenko I.A. Demarcation topogeodetic works in Ussuriyskiy Krai in the middle of the XIXth century 54-60
Manpower training
Ryzhikov A.I. The mapping and research of the small natural objects 61-64