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Automate processing of remote sensing data in the software package IMAGE MEDIA CENTER
Ivanova K.A., Goryunova V.N.
Influence of atmospheric correction methods at the calculation of vegetation indices on hyperspectral images
Zubkova K.I., Permitina L.I., Chaban L.N.
About the problem of creating a complex system to monitor catastrophic natural phenomena on the base of using ground and space watch facilities
Razumov V.V., Razumova N.V., Tsadikovsky E.I., Linkov A.D.
Space forecasting monitoring constellation as a basis for integrated natural disasters warning systems creation
Alexeev O.A., Razumova N.V., Tsadikovsky E.I., Linkov A.D.
Short-term forecasting of strong earthquakes and warning about their rise using ground and space monitoring data
Pulinets S.A., Tsadikovsky E.I., Razumova N.V.
Status and prospects of development of the topographic aerial photography
Babashkin N.M., Nekhin S.S.
About Strategy of surveying and mapping coverage of the Russian Federation
Vasiliev I.V., Korobov A.V., Pobedinskiy G.G.
Domestic periodical publications on geodesy and cartography. On the 90th anniversary of the magazine "Geodesy and Cartography"
Litvinov N.Yu., Nekhin S.S., Pankin V.F., Pobedinskiy G.G., Popadyev V.V., Yablonski L.I.
Transition of surveying production methods to autonomous satellite coordinate definitions. On the 20th anniversary of the Concept
Basmanov A.V., Gorobets V.P., Zabnev V.I., Zubinskiy V.I., Lazarev S.A., Makarenko N.L., Pobedinskiy G.G., Sermyagin R.A., Stolyarov I.A.
Russian Society of Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management
Drazhnyuk A.A., Tagunov V.P., Shayapov R.G.