Problems, Search, Solutions
Enlarged Board Meetingof Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography 2-6
Gerasimov A.P., Orlov S.V. The adjustment of the large-precise geodetic network 6-9
Batrakov J.G., Kupriyanov A.O., Skripkina T.A., Kashirkin Yu.Yu. Research and experience of ProMark3 satellite receivers application 9-13
Gerasimenko M.D., Shestakov N.V. About the physical correlation at the optimal projecting and mathematical mesurement processing 13-16
Filatov V.N., Petrov D.M. The system of finance management on the enterprise 16-18
Zhukovskiy V.E., Krayukhin A.K., Pozdnyak G.V., Riabchikova V.I., Krivov S.V. Space information in the National Atlas of Russia 18-25
Florinsky I.V. Morphometric maps of the World 25-29
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Gelman R.N., Nikitin A.V. About the stereophotography of the building face 29–33
Mironenko A.N., Bekenov A.V. About the orthotransformation accuracy of ALOS space images 33-37
Kobzeva E.A. The peculiarities of QuickBird space images photogrammetric processing 37-44
Pchelkin V.I., Perekrest V.V., Filatov Yu.A., Pritvorov A.P., Razumova N.V. Floods danger in the Southern Federal district of Russia 44-49
Geographic Information Systems
Knizhnikov Ju.F. Spatial data infrastructure: one terminologic remark 49-52
Geodynamic research
Poyasov S.Yu. About the cartometric method application for the detection of the Earth's crust faults on the territory of the Western part of Tver Region 52-57
Shlapak V.V. Patriotism revives 57-59
Manpower training
Ivlieva N.G., Manukhov V.F. Realization of the modern information technologies in term papers and diploma 59–62
Yurkina M.I. Special case of Newton's potential 63-67