Problems, Search, Solutions
Pobedinskiy G.G. Creation and updating geospatial data of the Russian Federation 2-9
Polianskiy А.V., Pupkov Ju.А., Murzincev P.P. Spectrum presentation of vertical deformations of the ring tunnel of VEPP-4M accelerator 10-13
Magerramov E.I. Research of the influence of thermal regime of the big cities on the accuracy of the measurement of common amount of water steam with the use of GPS 14-16
Serapinas В.В., Prokhorova Е.А., Vasiliev О.D. Geoinformatics – modern tendency of creation and use 17-23
Tsidipova М.В. Mapping of preservation functions of forests of natural territories of high significance (at the sample of Baikal Natural Park) 24-28
Samsonov T.E., Yakimova О.P., Alekseev V.V., Bogaevskaia V.G., Gorokhov А.А., Kniazev V.N., Preobrazhenskaia М.М., Ukhalov А.J., Edelsbrunner Н. Algorithm of geometric simplification of scope of lines by the method of contraction of the graph edges preserving topology 29-36
Aerophototopography (Aerial Surveying And Photogrammetry)
Novakovskiy B.A., Permyakov R.V., Prasolova A.I. Photogrammetric technologies of geoinformation modeling of floods (at the sample of the city of Krymsk) 37-42
Space geodesy and navigation
Konon N.I., Konon N.N., Konon S.N. The question of exception of systematic error for distance 43-46
Titov К.V. Practice of use of the systems of computer math in geodesy 47-50
Kudzh S.А., Tsvetkov V.Ya. Development of geoinformation modeling 51-56
Anniversary congratulations
Kondratieva Evdokia Nikolaevna is 80-th years old 57
Pictures of history
Kudzh S.А., Tsvetkov V.Ya. To the 100 jubilee of Admiral A.I. Berg 58-60
People of science and manufacture
Kusnetsov Pavel Nikitich 61-62
DOI: 10.22389/0016-7126-2014-885-3